Funding Sources & APCs


Effective from March 1, 2022, the authors assume responsibility for the partial payment for the publication in the Ukrainian Journal of Nephrology & Dialysis. A partial article-processing charge of 200 ₴ for residents of Ukraine will be applicable for articles accepted for publication. If the first or last author is a member of the National Kidney Foundation of Ukraine, the per-page charge is ₴100. For non-residents of Ukraine, a partial payment of $ 17 or € 15 per page will be applied to manuscripts accepted for publication.

One page is considered to be text (figures, tables, references), typed in 14 Times New Roman or Arial font with an interval of 1.5 (see Author Guidelines or Article Sample).

The publication fee will be discounted by 20% for manuscripts contributed by Editorial Board members and Peer-Reviewers.

The publication fee is payable only if a manuscript is accepted for publication. There is no additional fee for figures and no submission charge. Details for payment will email to the corresponding author after acceptance of the paper.