The Editorial Board work during the wartime


Dear authors and readers of the Ukrainian Journal of Nephrology and Dialysis,

The terrible events of recent months have turned our lives upside down, causing the whole country and the world to tremble. Nevertheless, the Editorial Board of our Journal continues to work. Since the delivery of a print edition is difficult during wartime, and it is impossible to reach the occupied territories or regions of close proximity from the front line, we will continue to publish the Journal in electronic form. Only the heads of the regional branches of the National Kidney Foundation of Ukraine will receive print copies of the Journal.

Thank you for your understanding.
Be safe and healthy.

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On pages of our journal publications of leading experts from different countries, and young scientists are presented. In addition, special attention is paid to discussion of medical and technical documents (clinical guidelines, medical standards and standardized protocols) that contribute to the standardization of specialized medical care to patients of nephrology profile on the principles of evidence-based medicine.

We hope that by creating the electronic version of "Ukrainian Journal of Nephrology and Dialysis" the latest achievements in nephrology will be available to a wide range of health professionals.

We will make every effort to ensure a mutual creative dialogue between readers and editors, and we are grateful for the appreciation of our work.

Chief Editor
M. Kolesnyk


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The Editorial Board includes prominent domestic and foreign scientists (the USA, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia) of which three Correspondent Members of NAMS of Ukraine, 14 professors, 17 doctors of sciences.

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