General information


Available since: 2004

Published: 4 times a year

Certificate of registration: KB № 8629 from 13.04.2004, КВ № 21397-11197 ПР від 25.01.2015 р.

Type of the publication: Scientific and Practical Journal

Type of the publication for the intended purpose: Scientific

Field of science: Nephrology

Language: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Sphere of the distribution: National and an International

The Journal is included in the category "B" of the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from December 28, 2019 №1643).

Categories of readers: scientists, nephrologists, urologists, gynecologists, microbiologists, immunologists and other related disciplines, scientists, university lecturers and students.

Focus and Scope: to publish the highest quality materials regarding wide range of questions related to practical and experimental nephrology and adjacent disciplines (urology, immunology, biochemistry, microbiology etc.)

Print: LTD "The polygraph plus": a certificate of registration in the State Register of publishing number 2148 (Series DC) from 07.04.2005.

Capacity: 70-100 p. Paper 64 ˣ 90/8. Set of Newton P.

Edition: 500 copies

Editor-in-Chief: Mykola Kolesnyk, Corresponding Member of NAMS of Ukraine, MD, PhD, Professor of Nephrology, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine, State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, Director of SI "Institute of Nephrology NAMS of Ukraine"

tel: 044 225 93 77, email:

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Natalіa Stepanova, MD, PhD, Doctor of Medical Science, Head of the Department of Nephrology & Dialysis SI “Institute of Nephrology National Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine”

tel: 044 225 93 86, email:

Mailing address: 04050, st. Degtyarivska 17 V, Kyiv, Ukraine.

тел.: 044 225 93 86, email: